Friday, 1 August 2008

Back to London for Mini-Break


I traveled on the rail a day ahead of scheduled because of the alternative accommodations in Dalkeith, Scotland. I figured that I didn't need to pay another 68 BP to stay an extra night. So I went back to London.

On the train, I was joined by an elderly woman who i shortly discovered was from Glasgow and going to England to visit her daughter. In our conversation, Dublin, Ireland and Trinity was discussed. The woman told me that there is a section in Trinity by the stairs that one can get a print-out of their genealogy by entering their surname. I said that would be neat to do, since my mother was part Irish. She said it was worth the trip while I was in the UK. I agreed, but decided that I had better focus on research during the mini-break.

Back in London, I did focus on research. My main emphasis was to get a better understanding of Bibliometrics. I looked in my Basic Research Methods For Librarians book I brought from home and a research book from fellow LIS group member. This led me nowhere, so I Googled Bibliometrics and found some definitions, but not the process of conducting this research method. I gave up and said that I would go to the bookstores at home and/or the university library to find more information. From there, I started planning what libraries and contacts I needed to visit for more research information. I even went to the Hard Rock Cafe London 2 times to get shirts for myself and my brother.

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