Friday, 1 August 2008

Tate Britain

Friday, August 1


After checking my email for any responses the Tate Britain, the Barbican, and the British Library, and not receiving one from the Tate Britain, I set out to ride the tube over there to possible make some contacts and ask questions. I took the Jubilee Line (North) to Westminster, changed to the District Line (West) to Victoria, change to the Victoria Line (South) to Pimlico. Followed the street signs (thank goodness for them!), and successfully managed my way through the streets to the Tate Britain. After checking my book bag at the Cloak Room and received claim tag #13, I proceeded to the library where I met Sophia Easey, Serials Librarian. She was very receptive to answering questions and also gave me other contact information, other than hers (3 emails and a website).

From my questions, she gave information about the collection, its focus, maintenance involved, and all members on staff. I had a chance to look around and saw people on computers. Sophia added that the library is actually separated into 4 sections; they include the library, the archives, the reader services, and the gallery records. Regarding maintenance. she added that the reader services looks after, or takes care of the books. Gallery Records contains info on all museum items, new developments and plans, and all exhibition materials.

Our meeting was very enjoyable and was told to email her if have any further questions.

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