Friday, 1 August 2008

My Hard Rock Cafe London Adventures

Thursday, July 25


During the mini-break, I decided to venture over to the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) London Shop to see what kind of shirts they had. I was primarily going for my brother who requested 2 polo type shirts. When I was there, I looked around and only saw two colors in the polo shirt style. I looked through the sizes and was told by an employee that sizes available in the polo style I was looking at ares only S or XL. I wasn't too happy with that answer because I wear a M. But I was told the other style polo, the taupe color, came in all sizes and they were expecting another shipment of that color the next day, Friday. I thought that I would return tomorrow to see what new stuff they received and so I continued looking around for interesting t-shirts for myself. I must have gone on a good day and time, because there wasn't a large crowd.

I had planned to return on Friday, but other things came up, plus working on my blog. On Saturday, I started out again for the HRC, but decided to find the Hard Rock Cafe Uk Ltd on Cavanaugh Pl, northwest of the original HRC, that I noticed on the Internet when I searched for Hard Rock Cafe London. When I got there, I located the listed address, but found an Interior Design studio instead. A little perturbed, I turned around, got back on the tube and went to Green Park station and then walked up Old Park Lane to the Hard Rock Cafe London shop. This time a long queue had formed outside of the shop. I was hot from the 91F degree weather, so I turned around and went back to the dorm.

On Sunday, I traveled again through the tube to Green Park and up to the Hard Rock Cafe Shop again. This time I waited about 15 minutes in the queue that was half the length compared to Saturday's queue. Immediately upon entering, I went to the polos, grabbed an L and XL and a t-shirt and stood in the register queue. When my merchandise was being rung up, I was asked if I was interested in purchasing a HRC members card, 15BPS or $30.00. I and was told that 10BPS would be applied to the card upon Internet registration. I went for it. And I'm glad I did, because I joined Dr. Welsh at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and didn't have to wait 15-20 minutes for the next available table by waiving my HRC members card. we were taken down to the lower level dining area that must have been for members only. I feel so privileged!

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